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Agenda for Monthly Board Meetings

Here you will find any and all information currently available for items and issues to be discussed in future board meetings. If you have any concerns or have any items or issues you would like the Board to discuss or review it must be placed on the agenda.

Contacting the Village Hall and requesting an item or issue be added to the agenda is NOT recommended, as the only person(s) who can add any issue or item to the agenda is a current Board Member or the President.

Please contact one of the Board Members or the President with your requests regarding adding an item or issue to the agenda. Board Members and the President's contact information can be found on the Village Government page of this site.




Village of Alma Center
Board of Trustees
April 8, 2019 Regular Meeting Agenda

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.81-19.98 the Alma Center Village Board of Trustees will convene in open session Monday, April 8, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Alma Center Village Hall, 200 North Church Street.

Regular Meeting Agenda:
Call to Order.
Certify the open meeting law requirements have been met.
Approve the minutes from March 11, 2019 regular Board meeting.
Approve the bills paid from March 11, 2019 through April 8, 2019.
Public Comments:
All remarks are to be addressed to the Board; Board Members may ask questions of a speaker, however no formal deliberations are allowed at this time on any item on the agenda.

Old Business:
Update: Police Department Report.
Update: Deputy Clerk
Update: Improvement Club

New Business:
Discuss and or approve: Brice Nelson w/ Davy Engineering (Well #2, Pumphouse & Water Main route)
1) Approve and sign Boundary/Topographical Survey agreement.
2) Approve and sign Engineering Amendment to Contract.
Discuss and or approve: LOC @ BRCB $403,870.00 Interim Financing
Discuss and or approve: Water Tower Painting Project and LOC
Discuss and or approve: Dates for Public Hearing
Discuss and or approve: Meter reading options
Discuss and or approve: Hiring a Street Sweeper
Discuss and or approve: Date for Organizational meeting
Discuss and or approve: Operator License for Devin Kopinski
Discuss and or approve: Renew Notary for Claudia Fields

Motion to adjourn





Anyone requiring special 1accommodations please call 715-964-7211 prior to the meeting.

Posted: __04-05-2019__

Claudia Fields, Clerk