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Jackson County, Wisconsin

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The ordinances listed here are specific to the Village of Alma Center. For most ordinances the Village uses State Ordinances.
State Statutes can be found here, and Ordinances for Jackson County can be found here.
Below you will find the current Village Ordinances in PDF format.
If you need a PDF reader you can download one here.


Public Health and Safety 

Health and Sanitation Ordinance
Ordinance Section 7-1-10-Regarding animal feces
Ordinance 2007-08-01-Fair and Open Housing Ordinance
Ordinance 2012-6-4-Ordinance regarding Rottweilers and Pitbulls
Ordinance 6-1-2-Ordinance regarding the keeping of livestock
Ordinance 2012-01-02-Ordinance regarding Owner/Occupant responsibilities for snow removal
Ordinance 2012-01-01-Ordinance regarding Registered Sex Offenders
Ordinance 8-1-1-Ordinance regarding snowmobiles and ATVs
Ordinance 2007-4-1-Regarding the Municipality's participation in non-moving traffic violation and registration program of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Ordinance 2004-2(Sub. 9-2-12)-Ordinance prohibiting the use of skateboards on sidewalks and on Church Street and Main Street.
Ordinance 9-2-9-Ordinance regarding Disorderly Conduct
Ordinance 9-2-12-Ordinance regarding possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana
Ordinance 9-3-5 -Ordinance regarding theft
Ordinance 9-6-10-Ordinance prohibiting the possession and or purchase of tobacco products by persons under the age of 18
Ordinance 9-6-11-Ordinance prohibiting habitual truancy
Ordinance 2008-12-1-Ordinance regarding the use of Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Ordinance 05-95-Ordinance regarding Well Abandonment


Ordinance 03-93-Ordinance regarding Wisconsin Gas Company (and its successors)
Ordinance 93-1-Ordinance regarding Wisconsin Power and Light (and its successors)

Water and Sewer

Ordinance 2013-10-14-Ordinance regarding cross connection control
Ordinance 2006-01-Ordinance establishing the sewer utility and sewer rates
Ordinance 2004-3-Ordinance amending section 6.02(A) of Ordinance 2001-1 regarding the establishment of the sewer utility and establishing sewer rates, rules and regulations

Zoning, Buildings, and Inspections

Village of Alma Center Zoning Ordinance UPDATED
Ordinance 2014-02-10-Ordinance rescinding Ordinance 2007-08-02 regarding the prior set back requirements and providing new set back requirements
Ordinance 2004-01-Ordinance regarding the construction and inspection of one and two family dwellings built since June 1, 1980

Village Government 

Ordinance 2-2-8-2010-Ordinance regarding compensation for Village President and Village Trustees
Ordinance 2010-09-01-Ordinance to adopt the Comprehensive Plan of the Village of Alma Center
Ordinance 2009-03-02-Ordinance establishing a Plan Commission
Ordinance 2003-06-01-Ordinance amending Section (A) of Ordinance 2-2-9, regarding the time and date of the monthly meetings for the Village Board