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Minutes of Village Board Meetings

Below you will find the text of the minutes from the most current board meeting. Past minutes as well as the current minutes are available for download in PDF format as well, which will require you to have a PDF reader which you can get here.
Previous meeting minutes can be found at the bottom of the page. To download the minutes right click the month you would like to download and select "save as" from the menu.

September Minutes

Village of Alma Center
Meeting Minutes of September 10, 2018

Present: Ken Ristow, Connie Patterson, Jessica Anderson, Eric Olson.

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by Village President Ken Ristow at 6:30pm at the Alma Center Village Hall.

The open meeting notice requirements were met.

A motion was made by Anderson/Patterson to approve the minutes of August 13, 2018 regular Board minutes. Motion was carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Patterson/Olson to approve the bills paid for the period from August 13, 2018 through September 10, 2018. Motion was carried unanimously.

Public Comments

AC Garage issued the current Vehicle list.

Old Business
Officer: Chief David Hartl was introduced to the Board members. He was an Officer in Milwaukee, retiring after 21 years of service. Chief Hartl is looking forward to working with the Village’s.

Water rate increase request has been submitted to the PSC.

New Business

Davy Engineering: Brice Nelson

DNR has denied our request for funding to paint the Water tower this year. The earliest we can request funding will be August/September 2019. We are going to be advertising for bids in October 2018 for the work to be done next fall. Motion was made by Olson/Anderson to change the spec’s bid out to have the entire Water Tower painted (inside & out) having the work done in fall 2019. Motion was carried unanimously.

The SRF application was approved with a 45% PF, this did not include the Asset Management plan, the AM plan is to be applied by October. This will bring our approval to 60% or $500,000.00 max. For the construction of Well #2.

A discussion was held about the Water main layout route from the new well, there were several options, Davy will be reviewing a couple more options and getting back to us. No action was taken at this time.

Turtle Pond Road: We received 1 bid. Motion was made by Patterson/Olson to accept the bid from Scott Construction of $19,950.00. Motion was carried unanimously.

Motion was made by Olson/Anderson to pay $600.00 towards a Cutter Saw for the Village of Alma Center and The Fire District. Motion was carried unanimously.

Sidewalks: No action taken

Motion was made by Anderson/Patterson to approve a bartender license for Rebecca Tondola. Motion was carried unanimously.

Motion was made by Patterson/Olson to discontinue employee evaluation meetings with the employees. Motion was carried unanimously.

Motion was made by Patterson/Olson to adjourn at 8:00 pm. Motion was carried unanimously.

Claudia Fields, Clerk


Previous Meeting Minutes

Here you will find copies of minutes from past Board Meetings.
Minutes will be available for download and will be restricted to the current year.

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